Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

Located on the Arabian Gulf Coast, the Ajman Free Zone was established in 1988. Since its establishment, Ajman Free Zone company formation has been one of the most sought-after services. Since it has access to four seaports and two international airports, allowing businesses to thrive in the region. Also, the cost of setting up a company in the Ajman free zone varies according to different factors. The Ajman Free Zone Authority has safe business establishment processes and business licenses for firms founded and managed by the authority. So, to set up a business in the Ajman Free Zone, one must go to this authority.


Advantages of Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

  • 100 percent capital and profit repatriation
  • There is no red tape.
  • Companies are free from all corporate taxes.
  • Laws that are beneficial to businesses
  • Immigrant rules that are simple and quick for employees

Free Zones in Ajman


Ajman Media City Free Zone, one of the recently established free zones in the United Arab Emirates, offers various media and digital services. It connects individual entrepreneurs’ and enterprises’ professional mindsets. The Ajman Media City free zone is located in Ajman, offering high-tech telecom and communication linkages and top-notch digital customer care and incentives to entrepreneurs interested in opening a business there.


The mainland economy is the most developed, aided by the legal structures of government policy. If you want to create a business on the mainland of Ajman, you’ll need a local sponsor. The local sponsor will own 51 percent of the firm, and the rest, 49 percent, will be held by a businessperson. The following business entities are available to mainland companies in Ajman:

  • Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)
  • Company with a Public Shareholding Structure
  • Office in a branch
  • Office of Representation
  • Firm of Experts
  • Ajman is located off the coast of Oman.

Type of Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone

The Ajman Free Zone Authority oversees offshore activities in Ajman. Ajman free zone company formation offers various business sector options. Additionally, it levies zero taxes and ensures the company’s security by using a registered agent’s address. An offshore firm in Ajman does offshoring operations in the United Arab Emirates. Following are the activities that are included in this jurisdiction:

  • Trading in general
  • Services provided by professionals
  • Taking a stake
  • Investment firms and cooperative ventures
  • Consultancy/advisory services
  • Brokers and commission agents

Why Get an Ajman Free Zone Trade License?

Wondering what the benefits of obtaining an Ajman free zone trade license are? The Ajman free trade zone permits 100% foreign ownership and repatriation of money and earnings.

Ajman free zone offers all of the benefits that an exclusive economic zone should but is cheaper than other free zones in the UAE. The Ajman Free Zone Authority does not charge a registration fee. Company registration in Ajman free zone procedure is simple, with single-window clearances for various government services like postal services, licenses, immigration, and visas. In Ajman, foreign investors can get a 20-year land lease that can be renewed for another 20 years, allowing them to conduct valid tax-exempt activities for a total of 40 years. Ajman free zone company formation is free from all import and export tariffs under the law. An Ajman firm is not considered an offshore corporation or a foreign tax haven because it is part of the United Arab Emirates, a recognized international trade jurisdiction.