Consulting and Business Services
in Dubai, UAE

We offer many business services in Dubai, UAE, to clients with different needs and business requirements. Our services range from company setup in UAE to local sponsor services, bank accounting opening services, to PRO services. We are one of the best business setup companies in the UAE. Hence, we work very hard to ensure that we stay that way.

Setting up a firm in this pro-investment location would want authentic business services in Dubai, UAE. We encourage the smooth completion of operations and, similarly, easy access to permits & licenses. You save the operating costs through the systematic business setup solutions at DAMAAR. Our solutions cover all formalities and procedures enabled by the UAE government for business setup. DAMAAR is the best partner in Dubai for all licensing processes and company setup services.

The team at DAMAAR consists of industry specialists who are enthusiastic individuals. We have successfully directed the business setup of various small and large-scale businesses in the UAE. In fact, our business setup services focus majorly on solid professional ethics. Find more about our assistance and business services in Dubai, UAE.

Major Zones Where You Can Get Our Business Services in Dubai, UAE

There are three jurisdictions for business setup in UAE, namely Mainland, Freezone, and Offshore.

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A Mainland enterprise can freely trade and conduct commercial activities within and outside the UAE. Other advantages of being a mainland firm in Dubai include conducting various commercial activities. Additionally, you get the freedom to choose an office space anywhere in Dubai. Our services include complete assistance for license registration from the local DED to the final office setup. Additionally, we provide easy access to UAE government procedures for overseas investors and businesses.


While onshore firms have multiple regulations on overseas investment, Free Zones do not have such limitations. Instead, they provide many advantages. Besides, businesses can also have full foreign ownership, avoid paying taxes, and have customs advantages. Meanwhile, we make starting your UAE freezone business an easy task. We can tailor a solution to your specific needs while ensuring distinct logistical and foreign investor benefits. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of licensing procedures and company incorporation. Our understanding and expertise make establishing your UAE-free zone business easy.

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Offshore businesses do not have the same conditions as the mainland and free zone businesses. They are appropriate for foreign enterprises who wish to reach worldwide consumers based in the UAE. Our offshore business setup services deliver transparent and time-bound operations and thoughtful document curation and management. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of increased company privacy and asset protection while expanding your firm’s reach.

Our Major Business Setup Services

The list of business services in Dubai, UAE, offered by DAMAAR Business Consultants is long.
Some of the essential services we offer are as below.

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Local Sponsorship in UAE

It might be challenging to find a reliable local sponsor in the UAE. Firstly, the most crucial thing is the local sponsorship that entails an investment. If you want to establish a business in the UAE, you’ll need to find a local sponsor first. There are various implications for businesses from foreign nations looking to set up a company in Dubai. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) stipulates different laws for any multinational firm planning to establish a presence in Dubai or the UAE mainland. So, we keep it accessible for our customers to find a trusted local sponsor if they require it. We use our extensive industry knowledge and relationships to give Dubai’s finest local sponsorship services.

Businesses worldwide are trying to create a bank account in the UAE for better investment opportunities. Our experts will assist you with opening a company bank account quickly. DAMAAR provides non-residents with the chance to create their own UAE bank account. It is one of the simplest operations carried out in the UAE; nonetheless, the process may be a bit tricky. Hence, we offer some of the best bank account opening services in the UAE. It includes detailed instructions and knowledgeable specialists to help you in your journey. Our team completes company bank account opening for a non-residential client trouble-free. Since the entire procedure is in our hands, it is flawless and quick.

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Company Bank Account
Opening in UAE

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PRO Services in Dubai

We have well-trained experts who give the best PRO services in Dubai. PRO services offered by DAMAAR include documentation, paperwork, business liquidation, and document processing. These deal with obtaining corporate licenses, immigration, licenses, passport, and similar services. Choose DAMAAR Business Consultants to make the process of establishing your company in the UAE much easier.
PRO offerings include particular services for information clearing, Residency Visa, application freedom operations, and so on. Also, we assist you in maintaining and operating a business efficiently by utilizing our PRO Services for all regulatory requirements.

Why Choose DAMAAR Business Consultants?

We at DAMAAR offer numerous other services for companies trying to set up their business in Dubai. Besides, our business services in Dubai, UAE include everything from VAT Registration to Investor Visa services. The primary purpose of these is the ease of business setup and operation for our clients in Dubai. Also, DAMAAR delivers the highest quality services to our clients without spending too much of their valuable time and money.

Our business services in Dubai, UAE are;