PRO Services In UAE

The Public Relations Officer works as the Government Liaison Officer, is the one who takes care of various activities linked to business formation in the UAE. Different tasks that are taken care of by the PRO include documentation and processing of legal papers and other related government paperwork.  A multitude of services PRO does include things that are focused on employees and business-related activities. Several legal procedures that come under the incorporation and registration of a business entail various legal obligations with the Dubai Economy Development Authority(DED). Our professional consultants provide high-standard PRO services in UAE to expedite these requirements.

Setting up and handling various procedures of a company takes a lot of effort from a skilled business consultant. Damaar Business Setup Consultants provides exceptional public relations services in Dubai, UAE, advising our customers through visa and business formalities, as well as other government-related activities. Each step included in your business formation process could be effortlessly completed with unwavering assistance from Damaar. We approach your business with a comprehensive range of services, from the initiation to the successful incorporation of your business. We closely collaborate with the Ministry and government authorities in Dubai to easily complete the tasks, including PRO services and document clearance.


PRO Services in UAE

Our team of specialists has expertise in every government rule and regulation to provide you with the best assistance in professional PRO services in the UAE. We help business aspirants and entrepreneurs set up and expand their businesses across Mainland and Free Zones by offering services including PRO services, license acquisition, and more. We ensure adherence to every legal obligation while paying attention to the nature and requirements of your business through the best PRO services in Dubai. We offer expert PRO services to start-ups and existing businesses in the UAE, as well as guidance to entrepreneurs in various zones. You can put your trust in Damaar PROs and leave all of your business formalities to them.

Benefits Of PRO Services In UAE

Legal Obligation

Many of the duties performed by PRO services are legal requirements for all Dubai businesses and workers. The potential of unwanted penalties or setbacks for a firm is reduced when these processes are followed in a timely way.

Time Savings

PRO services take up a lot of time, yet they are significant for every business. It allows a corporation to improve its core strengths while delegating the rest to competent business specialists.

Business long-term viability

PRO services were created with the best interests of the company in mind. The flawless and smooth process of corporate services requires the flawless implementation of PRO services in Dubai. To work lawfully in the UAE, an employee from another country must first get a resident visa and a work permit, which are necessary to establish a bank account, sign a domestic lease, subscribe to utilities such as electricity, and receive an Emirates ID.

Reduction of Costs

Visiting several government agencies to submit various paperwork would cost a lot of money. Companies who use the services of a PRO in Dubai, on the other hand, may save a lot of money that would otherwise be squandered on document processing and clearance.

More Transparency

All receipts and copies of government charges will be provided by PRO services in UAE. As a result, it will offer transparency to the company and protect it from any unfavorable scenarios.

A Public Relations Officer is required for anybody trying to start a business in Dubai. The Public Relations Officer will make sure that company owners do not waste time waiting in lines at various government agencies.

After gaining clearance from government officials, PRO services will pick up papers from government offices and deliver them to the customer’s home.

List Of PRO Services

  • Company Immigration and Labor Cards are processed.
  • Processing new employment visas for employees and visa renewal services.
  • Import/export and other legal documents are certified by a public notary.
  • Intellectual property registration includes things like patents, copyrights, and trademarks.
  • Obtaining government departments’ No-Objection Certificates (NOC)
  • Obtaining government clearances
  • Legal documents are translated into Arabic.
  • Acquisition and renewal service for commercial and industrial licenses.
  • Submitting an application for a commercial and residential tenancy contract, also known as Ejari.
  • Documents from the Dubai Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce are processed.

Why Us?

Our PRO administrations include a wide range of specialist assistance administrations that interface with government agencies and offices, allowing you to effectively satisfy your day-to-day operational requirements while also getting the appropriate licenses and permits for your firm. We provide a variety of PRO sorts of help, each with a dedicated capacity tailored to your specific company needs, and we handle all administration-related documentation issues.

Our PRO services include a variety of professional support services that link you with government ministries and agencies, allowing you to satisfy your daily operating requirements while also obtaining the licenses and permissions your company requires. We provide bespoke PRO services, including a specialized function that is geared to your company’s needs and handles all government-related document clearing.

Damaar Business Setup Consultancy has a team of professionals who can help businesses with PRO administrations in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. We’ve helped a lot of people start their businesses in the UAE from the ground up.

Criteria for Selection of PRO Services

Timely updates and compliance with the legal requirements of a business take a lot of effort and time. An agency that provides the best PRO services in UAE will be able to assist you in various tasks, including visa processing, company formation, document attestation, and legal compliance. Collaborating with the right PRO service provider is imperative for ultimate success while saving time, money, and hassle.

Numerous aspects of a PRO service provider, including their reputation and experience in the field, should be considered in the selection criteria. Other major pointers that should be a finalizing factor include the scope and variety of services they offer, the pricing and transparency of interactions and payments, and the customer support they offer.

PRO Services In UAE

Cost Of PRO Services In UAE

The cost you pay for PRO services in UAE directly depends on various constituents, such as government fees, document requirements, and the time it takes for processing and approvals. We have experts who have a decade of experience helping entrepreneurs and businesses with their administrative and legal responsibilities in the UAE. 

An average cost per PRO service might go from AED 500 to AED 10,000, according to the complexity and urgency of the task. Services including visa applications, company formation, trade license renewal, and more could also be chosen as per the requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional document-clearing services connected to processing governmental papers and paperwork are referred to as Public Relations Officer (PRO) services. These include immigration requirements, business license issuing, passport clearance, and so forth.

That would mostly rely on the size and type of commercial activity your firm engages in. If you are new to Dubai or lack expertise with company starting and regional knowledge, it is advised that you use PRO services in Dubai.

Pro services play a vital role in making sure all the obligations of the laws are fulfilled, saving a lot of time in paperwork, and helping to run the business smoothly. Damaar helps businesses go through complex government procedures quickly and without affecting the company’s productivity.

PR functions that constitute dealing with impediments to corporate formation processes, document attestation, and ensuring that the company complies with all regulatory requirements include the processing of applications for visas, government approvals, and supporting paperwork.

Outsourcing of PRO services enables businesses to concentrate on their core activities whereas the experts will be dealing with the administrative tasks effectively. It brings savings in cost, makes sure you totally comply with all legal requirements, and also gives you the skills of an expert.

PRO services facilitate the process of paperwork, shorten the delays caused by authorities, and reduce the burden of government procedures for businesses so that they can perform these processes by themselves. By contracting these activities, businesses save their resources and better meet expectations by avoiding sanctions and penalties for incompliance.

PRO services are responsible for a variety of documentation including visa applications, company incorporation documents, trade license renewals, employment contracts, government clearances, notarization, and translation of legal documents.

PRO services assist the process of incorporating and registering the documents so that they manage any relevant paperwork, liaison with authorities, obtain permits and licenses, and guarantee all compliance with legal formalities, hence simplifying the procedure for businesses.

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