Family/dependent Visa In Dubai

The UAE is popular because of the lifestyle, economics, and corporate environment that employs millions of people from all over the world and is also known as the Land of Opportunity. The government provides a variety of services, including Dependent Visa in Dubai, that increase people’s quality of life while also making the process of starting a business in the UAE easier.

People from all over the world love to visit the UAE with their families, and those who work there love to settle their families and children in the UAE. The UAE is home to many attractions such as the Miracle Garden, the UAE mall, the Burj Khalifa etc that draw in people to visit time and again. 

The UAE also provides a wide range of services to its citizens including housing, clothing, education and a variety of fruits and vegetables The UAE imports a wide range of commodities and necessities to meet the needs and desires of its citizens. As a result, the Middle East is known for attracting enterprises looking to set up shop in the UAE.


How To Get Family/dependent Visa In Dubai

There are a few simple and necessary measures to follow in order to obtain a dependent visa in Dubai. The general directorate of Residency and Foreigner Affairs [GDRFA] manages the visa procedure in the UAE through Amer services. Amer services are available throughout the UAE, as well as in major retail malls, and provide the required information. Its online website operated by a semi-government body is also accessible.

Documents required:

  • If you want to sponsor your spouse, you’ll need a marriage certificate confirmed by both your home country’s ministry of foreign affairs and the UAE’s ministry of foreign affairs.
  • If the visa is for your children, the necessary authorities must certify the children’s original birth certificates.
  • A copy of each family member’s valid passport with a validity of at least six months 
  • A passport-sized shot with a white background and complete visibility of the ears, forehand, and chin.
  • A copy of a registered tenancy agreement 
  • If the visa is for your parents, you must have a two-bedroom flat and a monthly salary of at least DH 20,000.
  • If a woman is applying for her husband, she will also need a copy of her spouse’s passport.

Once you have all of the documentation together, you must go to an Amer service center with your [sponsor’s] original Emirates ID to obtain your dependent visa in Dubai.

Post Processing Procedure For Family/dependent Visa In Dubai

Once finalized, an e-visa will be issued to your registered email address and will take around 48 hours to arrive.

One can apply for a family residence visa once the e-visa has been processed in one of three methods.

  • If your family is not already in the UAE, they can arrive with an e-visa that has been issued.
  • If the family is already in the UAE on a visit visa or an expired residency visa, they must either exit and re-enter the country, or you can apply for a change of visa without leaving the country at the Amer center.
  • Once your visa has been granted and you have entered the UAE, the next step is to have a medical examination. You can also apply for a health center near your house at the Amer center.

Applicants are required to undergo blood tests and x-rays at the DHA Health Center, as well as other additional tests for HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis B, and, in some cases, syphilis.

After having your medical, the next stage is to get your Emirates ID, which is created by the Amer center and is for persons over the age of 18, for which you must supply biometric data such as your fingerprint and iris scan.

It is mandatory to have a health insurance in Dubai.

The next step is to have your visa stamped on your passport, which may also be done in an Amer center if you have all of the necessary documentation and have full access to your dependent visa in Dubai.