Trademark Registration In UAE

Trademark registration in UAE is of substantial importance. Companies and business institutions use a trademark or brand name to represent their business or a product, regardless of their size or type. A signature, word, name, letter, drawing, symbol, title, seal, image, tax stamp, inscription, advertisement, or any other combination can be used as a trademark. Trademarks fall within the category of intellectual property and provide the legal owner with various rights and protections.

The UAE’s trademark registration law protects businesses from unauthorized use of their trademarks that were previously registered. You may protect your brand name, symbol, or logo used to distinguish your products or services that are officially registered in the Emirates with trademark registration in UAE. The Damaar Business Setup Consultancy team provides comprehensive assistance with trademark registration in the UAE, ensuring that all legal requirements are met.


Importance Of Trademark Registration In UAE

  • Trademarks are valuable assets — A well-known company’s trademark is a valuable asset. The Nike logo is valued at many billion dollars.
  • Brand recognition as a result of increased visibility and attention – A well-designed logo can assist your company in standing out from the crowd. If your business domain has a lot of competitors, a well-designed logo will always grab notice. A high-quality product or service with a well-designed trademark always attracts a significant following.
  • Defends against duplicate and counterfeit goods – Fake goods are always a threat to genuine goods. Trademarks safeguard your product from imitators and knockoffs. In a way, the trademark also protects the interests of customers. Customers who are aware of the original trademark have the right to demand original, trustworthy goods. This gives the customer peace of mind and assures that they are getting good value for their money.
  • Aids in business expansion – Once a company has established itself in the market and builds a solid reputation, the trade name can be used to expand into new business areas.
  • Increases social media reach – Businesses can utilize the trademark to efficiently improve their company’s exposure on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. The company’s trustworthiness is enhanced by a strong internet and social media presence.

Requirements For Trademark Registration In UAE

Before filing for trademark registration in UAE, various documents are to be submitted. It’s possible that more information will be required.

  • The trademark owner’s nationality, name, and address
  • The type of business that the trademark will be used for
  • A representation of the mark in visual form
  • If the mark is not in Arabic, it has no meaning or importance.
  • A power of attorney signed by the holder has been notarized and legalized at the UAE consulate. If the notarization is done in the UAE then no legalization is necessary.
  • All data about the priority application, as well as an approved copy of the priority document, if priority is being claimed.

How To Apply For Trademark Registration In UAE

The technique is easy to follow. Following are the steps to consider while applying for  trademark registration in UAE :
  • Check if the trademark registration has already been done.
It is not possible to register a trademark if it has already been registered by another person or company. It can be found by utilizing tools like Marcaria on the internet. Proceed to the following step if the trademark is not registered.
  • Fill out an application on the Ministry of Economy’s website.
A regulatory authority known as the Ministry of Economy governs the trademark application. Complete the application form and make sure that you attach the required papers –
  • Copy of Trade License 
  • Trademark Logo
  • Power of Attorney 
  • Copy of Passport
  • Priority Document
  • List of Protected Goods and Services
Apply for registration after you’ve uploaded all of the required documents.
  • Pay your fees
Once the application is submitted, you must pay the relevant fees. The cost of trademark registration in the UAE is around AED 8,700. This trademark registration cost in the UAE does not include any possible legal or translation fees.
  • The Ministry of Education examines the application.
The application for trademark and brand registration in the UAE is reviewed by the Ministry of Economy. It is recommended that you complete out the form with attention and accuracy, since any missing or incorrect information can result in the application being refused. If there are no concerns with the application, the Ministry of Economy usually accepts it within 30 days.
  • Place the announcement in two Arabic-language newspapers in the area.
Publish announcements in the official journal and two local newspapers after the approval of the trademark. The following are the newspapers where the announcement can be published:
  • Al Khaleej
  • Al Watan 
  • Al Ittihad 
  • Al Bayan 
  • Al Fajr 
  • Al Wahda 
  • Obtain the Certificate of Trademark Registration
Assuming that there is no objection to your trademark in that duration, the Ministry of Economy provides you with a trademark registration certificate in the UAE. The trademark registration number, the trade name and owner’s name, the trademark itself, and a description of the goods and services that fall under it – everything is included in the certificate.

Important Information

Members of the public have 30 days to object to the trademark after it is published in two Arabic-language publications in the UAE. If someone files an objection to the trademark during that time, the Ministry of Economy will consider it and either deny it or notify the party.

However, applicants should keep in mind that the Ministry of Economy only makes the notification at the end of each month, so they may have to wait nearly two months to register their trademark in the UAE.

Remedies For Trademark Infringement In UAE

In the event of trademark infringement in UAE, depending on where the action is brought, the following remedies may be pursued.

  • The products are seized and destroyed.
  • Injunctions can be temporary or permanent.
  • Compensation and damages
  • The infringer is imprisoned and fined.
  • Temporary suspension of the business enterprise’s operations

Stronger trademarks are better protected. Suggestions, originality, arbitrariness, descriptiveness, fancifulness, and unexpectedness are the best trademarks. Basic trademarks, or those that do not effectively highlight and characterize products or companies, are usually given less protection. Descriptive trademarks can also be registered; however, they have limited protection. A strong mark is said to have a subtle link to the services or businesses it represents.