Mainland Company Formation In Dubai, UAE

Over the previous two decades, the UAE has developed as the Middle East’s top commercial destination. The tax-free system and business-friendly regulations have attracted international corporations to the country. This has resulted in cosmopolitan lifestyles in Dubai, which includes world-class retail malls, hospitals, schools, and residential complexes. As a result, it is becoming more and more profitable for foreign companies to expand and for their business to participate in mainland company formation in Dubai.

There are several advantages of mainland company formation in UAE. A mainland enterprise is free to trade and undertake commercial operations within and beyond the UAE. Other benefits of undertaking mainland company formation include engaging in various economic operations. You also have the option of selecting an office space in any location in Dubai. 

Our services include complete license registration help from the local DED to complete business setup to help with your UAE mainland company formation. Furthermore, we facilitate easy access to UAE government operations for foreign investors and enterprises.

mainland company formation in dubai

What is a mainland company in dubai?

A mainland company is simply an onshore corporation enrolled with the governing authority of the relevant Emirate. Emirate’s Department of Economic Development provides the trade license. A UAE mainland corporation is distinguished primarily by its unrestricted trade opportunities. When an investor invests in a mainland firm in the UAE, the company can trade in the UAE and outside the UAE.

A company formed on the UAE mainland can conduct business anywhere in the UAE market. This signifies that the corporation is permitted to conduct business within and outside the UAE.

Benefits of mainland company formation in UAE

  • Strategic Location:

When it comes to the Middle East, the UAE proves to be a crucial position. It allows business investors to extend their operations by allowing them to access other GCC nations.

  • Robust Network:

The UAE has strong connectivity, which aids in the transportation process by covering roadways, airways, and seaways. This mobility enables business owners to establish a presence in Dubai Mainland and conduct important commercial activities.

  • Favorable Economic Policies:

The UAE government offers several incentives to company investors, such as 100 percent foreign ownership, no personal tax, and so on, to come forward and commence business establishment processes in a variety of industries.

  • Tax Incentives:

Foreign investors in Dubai benefit from tax advantages. Submission of income tax is not required, which is an eye-catching feature.

  • Availability of Office Space:

When it comes to business establishments, Dubai Mainland has been a rising hub. As a result, you never have to be concerned about office space when starting a firm or carrying out activities.

  • Availability of Visas:

Obtaining a Dubai visa procedure is stress-free. It is simple for company owners to get a business visa and a residence visa if all necessary documents are submitted.

Steps For Mainland Company Formation In Dubai

The procedure for mainland company formation in UAE is as follows:

  • Choosing Business Activity:

The DED maintains a list of corporate types or business operations, and it is critical that you carefully select your business activity that best matches one on the list. In general, firms providing services or consulting would be granted a “Professional License,” and enterprises engaging with commodities or industrial activity would be given a “Commercial License.” We can help you select the proper business type by conducting an analysis of the market.

  • Reserving a Name for Your Company:

A name must always be proposed and secured for the business, which will initially be valid for 30 days. If the DED discovers a comparable name already in use, it has the authority to revoke or modify the reserved name.

  • Getting Initial Approval:

The DED issues an Initial Approval certificate, which details the line of business, partners, activities, and so on, showing that the administration has no objections to you operating the firm in the UAE in accordance with the proposal you submitted.

  • Preparing the MOA:

We will assist you in drafting a Memorandum of Association (MOA), which must be signed by all partners. Some businesses necessitate the involvement of a UAE national to represent your company in licensing and compliance problems with the government. You must enter into a Local Service Agent (LSA) arrangement in this scenario.

  • Renting Office Space:

All Dubai-based enterprises must have a physical address or location. We assist in locating suitable firm office space and preparing the rental contract with the landlord, which is then registered by an “Ejari.” With some limits, you can also link a commerce license to the same place.

  • Issuance of License:

You’ll be given a payment voucher, and you’ll have 30 days to pay for the license.

On the surface, these processes appear to be straightforward and straightforward, but each one has a number of terms and conditions, documents, signatures, and legal formalities. DAMAAR Business Setup Consultants will operate as a one-stop shop for all legal procedures and paperwork, allowing you to focus on your business and successfully complete your mainland company formation in UAE. 

Required Documents For Business Setup in Mainland

  • Trade Name (At least three choices of names)
  • Type of Business Activity
  • Passport copies of the shareholders.
  • Entry stamp or Visa page.
  • Passport size photograph.


  • Industrial licenses are required for the production and development of businesses.
  • Services, professions, and craftsmen are all covered by a professional license.
  • Trading activity requires an occupational and commercial license.
  • Trading license (occupational and commercial)

Why choose DAMAAR?

DAMAAR Business Setup Consultancy is a well-known firm that specializes in mainland company formation in Dubai for small, medium, and large businesses. We help our clients with Mainland Company formation in UAE by ensuring the safety of their business needs from beginning to end. Our Strategic Planning team believes in total operational transparency and strives to provide client business development by reducing tax obligations and preserving assets through free money repatriation.

DAMAAR consultants are specialists that assist in establishing a business in the UAE mainland. You can go through all of the deals that arise from upper management with the help of our professionals.

Approvals from upper management: Not all enterprises can get approvals from higher authorities for commercial activities in various locations of the UAE. Furthermore, permissions are necessary to conduct activities across international borders. Your requests from higher government authorities are approved by DAMAAR executives in a short time.

Licensing: Obtaining a license in the UAE is simple. However, if a firm is owned by an Emirati, regardless of whether the owner is a native, it must fulfill all legal requirements, including submitting official documentation. Our executives are there with their extended hands to fill out all relevant forms and other procedures. With the help of DAMAAR consultants, you could get a business license. Furthermore, establishing a worldwide corporation on the UAE mainland necessitates the acquisition of a license. Clients can obtain an authorized license with the assistance of a PRO.

Additional Advantages: A client can profit from extra services provided by us. We provide a number of different packages that incorporate our services. For instance, company incorporation, obtaining permissions, obtaining licenses, obtaining leasing for an office, etc. All of this is possible with our help.