Corporate sponsorship Dubai

Any UAE company with one or more UAE nationals can sponsor a new foreign company and provide corporate sponsorship in Dubai. In contrast to Local Sponsorship, which requires people to be 51 percent shareholders in a new firm established in Dubai, Corporate Sponsorship in Dubai and anywhere would include an organization. For the better running of the new company arrangement, the UAE Company governed by a Board of Directors gives key benefits such as Corporate Governance and Transparency.

The total business is better protected by corporate sponsorship. Even if the UAE National passes away, the business functions remain unaffected.

Corporate sponsorship in Dubai improves the overall efficiency of company activities by removing the need for UAE National clearance for every job. The PRO (Public Relations Officer) or a lawyer might handle documentation work or paperwork. The sponsor would not interfere with the day-to-day operations of the company. The entrepreneur may be able to make his or her business judgments.

  • A UAE national firm, not an individual UAE citizen, is the corporate sponsor.
  • The firm is 51 percent owned by the corporate sponsor.
  • To allow the foreign investor to manage the firm with complete control, the corporate sponsor receives a defined fee or profit share. Foreign entrepreneurs also keep 100% of their earnings and have complete control over the firm.
  • Corporate sponsorship in Dubai is less dangerous since it is entirely transparent and organized from beginning to end. It ensures that agreements are evaluated by a first-tier legal counsel and conditions are specified from the start, giving enterprises additional security and legal protection.
  • Dealing with individual sponsors might lead to ownership issues if one of the partners dies or retires too soon. You’ll need ‘succession planning,’ or a legally-binding strategy, to limit this danger. A corporate sponsor, on the other hand, eliminates the necessity for succession planning.
  • Instead of just one person, corporate sponsorship provides you with the backing of a whole company.
  • One of the main benefits of a corporate sponsor is that it will never get in the way of the company’s operations.

Benefits Of Corporate Sponsorship In Dubai

A corporate sponsor is comparable to a local person sponsor, except instead of an individual, a corporate sponsor is an organization or a group of individuals that assist you in running your business. The following are some of the benefits of having corporate sponsorship in Dubai :


A company that hires a corporate sponsor may manage the whole operation while also taking advantage of all available financial incentives.


Corporate funding will be more secure than local person sponsorship and will be legally protected by the DED (Dubai Economic Department).


The government has taken measures to make all procedures transparent, as a result of which all sponsorship paperwork is completed rather swiftly.


The danger of ownership issues will not harm the sponsorship because it is handled by a group of individuals or an organization. The death and early retirement of an individual are examples of ownership concerns.

When establishing a firm in the United Arab Emirates, international management must ensure that a sponsor is engaged. The type of sponsor will be determined by the commercial operations carried out, the location of the company in the country, and the company’s preferences.

Before starting a firm in Dubai, the management must obtain a sponsor who would own 51 percent of the company’s shares, according to the Dubai Economic Department (DED). In rare cases, the company’s management may give a predetermined sum of money to the sponsor. In exchange, the sponsor will help the overseas management team learn about UAE culture and handle the different company formation processes.