Company License Amendment

Business License Amendment Services In UAE

In the UAE, a trade license is required. In order to conduct business in the UAE, you must first get a valid license from the statutory authority that oversees and supervises the licensing policy. Certain firms, however, require trade license clearance from the relevant ministries. All commercial and industrial firms in the United Arab Emirates must register with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in their respective Emirate.

Types Of Licenses In United Arab Emirates

All business activity in the United Arab Emirates must have a trade license in order to operate. The business licenses are divided into three categories:

  • Licenses for commercial use – Almost all forms of trade activity are covered.
  • Professional licenses – as the name implies, this category includes all professions and services.
  • Industrial licenses — they enable for any type of manufacturing or industrial activity.
  • Renewal of a license in the United Arab Emirates

In the UAE, a business license is given for one year, after which it must be renewed in order to continue doing business. An entrepreneur cannot operate a business if his or her license has expired. When renewing a license in the UAE, you have the option of making changes. During the renewal of a license in UAE, a business might make a variety of adjustments.

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Amendments That Can Be Made To A Trade License In The United Arab Emirates

The following modifications are permitted under the heading of License amendments:

  • Change of Business Name
  • A Business Activity can be added, changed, or removed.
  • Change of Business Address
  • Changes to the Local Sponsorship
  • Any Management Details can be changed or added.
  • Adding or Removing a Partner (or a Group of Partners)
  • Changes to the Authorized Capital
  • The Process of Changing a Business License

Procedure To Avail Business License Amendment Services In UAE

The applicant must take specific actions in order to amend a trading license.

Fill out the Registration and License Form – Choose the appropriate revision and receive preliminary approval. Official approval can be obtained using the following routes.

  • Centres of service
  • Lounge of Happiness

Collect business approvals – If a firm’s activity is controlled by a government department, the adjustment will require clearance from that agency’s business activity-specific approvals.

Supporting Papers – The supporting documents should be included with the amending application. The application and accompanying documents are tailored to the type of change that is desired.

Updated License Collection — After the applicant submits the application, papers, and approvals as described above, a payment voucher is supplied to the applicant, which may be used to pay the amendment fees.

The updated license may be picked up after the payment process is finished.