Investor Visa Services in Dubai, UAE

The UAE as a whole, and Dubai in particular, is an appealing destination, depending on why one is relocating to this country. Even if one is only interested in a few things, Dubai can prove to be a beneficial location for all types of expats. Obtaining an investor visa in Dubai offers several benefits and attractive conditions, which is why it attracts expats from all over the world. A UAE investor visa is a sort of visa that allows a foreign investor to enter, remain, conduct business, and leave a country. It’s a pass that allows the investor to engage in a variety of business operations. International investments carry a high level of risk, but they also provide a high rate of return.

The Ministry of the UAE issues a three-year investor visa, which must be stamped by the UAE Consulate. For example, if an investor wants a UAE investor visa (also known as a Partner Visa Dubai), he or she will need to pay a deposit of AED 10,000 as well as the Dubai visa fees. It must be renewed as it approaches its expiration date in order to continue performing business activities at a later period.

Investor Visa Services in Dubai

Benefits Of Getting A UAE Investor Visa

  • Tax-Free Environment — In Dubai, investors are not required to pay any company, personal, or income tax.
  • Profit Repatriation – Getting an investor’s visa in Dubai permits you to send all of your capital and profits back to your home country.
  • Hire international personnel – Dubai has a highly skilled young workforce from all over the world. Investor visa holders can hire international employees without difficulty to expand their businesses.
  • Investor visa holders can quickly open corporate bank accounts without having to go through any lengthy procedures.
  • Bring Your Family — If you hold an investor visa in the UAE, you are allowed to bring your family with you. Your spouse and children can be included as members. You can also request that the visa be extended to include one executive director or advisor.
  • Numerous Business Partners – A Dubai investor visa allows multiple business partners to apply for the same visa. However, each company partner must provide AED 10 million on their own.

UAE Residency Visa – The Dubai investor visa paves the door for candidates to receive a UAE residency visa quickly and conveniently, without having to go through a lengthy process.

Documents Required For Applying For Investor Visa in Dubai

  • For Entry Visa
    • For visa applications, a copy of your passport photo is required.
    • A copy of the Memorandum of Association is available (for LLC)
    • Partner’s List Copy of Trade License (for LLC)
    • Service Agent Contract Copies (for a professional license)
    • Copy of the Partnership Agreement (for a professional license)
    • Other partners’ Emirates IDs
    • Bank Statement for the Previous 6 Months Copy of Immigration Establishment Card
  • For Medical
    • Typed application
    • Passport and visa copy along with photographs
  • For Visa Stamping 
    • Photograph with white background
    • Emirates ID form
    • Original Visa, Medical Certificate, Passport, Immigration Establishment Card, LLC Agreement, Partner’s List and License Copy