Other Business Setup Services We Provide In Dubai

VAT Registration Services

DAMAAR Business Setup Consultants is a well-known VAT consultant in Dubai, UAE, who provides top-notch VAT registration services in the UAE. We’ll go through all of the many aspects of VAT, such as registration, VAT Certificates, VAT Groups, and so on. Although VAT registration can be done online through the Dubai Government’s website, the process may be difficult for business owners due to the extensive number of documents that must be submitted and the requirement of having an online account. Our professionals can aid you with this method.

Employment Visa

For foreign nationals who desire to stay in the UAE for an extended period of time, a Residence Visa is required. Furthermore, if you wish to work in the United Arab Emirates, you must first obtain a work permit.

Family Visa

You can bring your dependents with you on a UAE Family Visa if you are a foreign citizen with a Residence Visa in the UAE. However, some people are not allowed to bring their dependents because specific requirements must be met.

Investor Visa

An investor visa allows a foreign investor to enter, stay, conduct business, and exit a country. It’s a pass that permits the investor to participate in a number of different company activities. International investments are risky, but they also offer a high rate of return.

Trademark Registration

The UAE’s trademark registration law safeguards enterprises against improper use of previously registered trademarks. With trademark registration in Dubai and the UAE, you may protect your brand name, symbol, or emblem that is used to distinguish your products or services that are formally registered in the Emirates. The DAMAAR Business Setup Consultancy team provides thorough trademark registration support in the UAE, ensuring that all legal requirements are met.

Property Visa

The United Arab Emirates has long been the most spectacular location for investors from all around the world. It offers top-notch infrastructure, high rental yields, and lenient visa laws to those interested in investing here. Because of the Property Visa, living and investing in the UAE has grown easier and more appealing. The UAE government takes various efforts and constantly executes legislation to retain investor confidence and boost foreign direct investment.

Product Registration (Municipality)

Product registration in Dubai refers to the process of registering a product with the Dubai Municipality (DM). Product manufacturing, import, sale, and export are all regulated by the Dubai government, and all products must be thoroughly inspected before entering the Dubai market. Every product that a firm manufactures, exports, imports, advertises, sells, or distributes in Dubai must be registered in compliance with the DM regulations in order to have access to the whole GCC market.