Technical Service License In Dubai

A technical services license in Dubai is a form of commercial license that is designed specifically for company operations including plumbing, painting, and concrete work in UAE. Technical service company formation is a great option because of its strategic location in the world, connecting it to Asian and European markets.

There are several factors to consider while establishing a technical service firm on the Dubai mainland. The first and most important step is to find a local sponsor in Dubai. According to the legislation, a local sponsor, such as a UAE national, can possess up to 51 percent of the company’s shares, with the rest going to the owner. To enter the technical service industry, one must first register as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Dubai Mainland.

Technical Services License in Dubai

Dubai is always in a process of continuous infrastructural growth alongside all the technical advancements beneficial for every kind of business activity. This infrastructural growth includes advancements in the technical services utilized by residents and companies across Dubai. Business aspirants and investors have the best opportunities in the technical sector to establish a fruitful business due to the steps taken by the UAE government towards becoming a smart city. 

Authorities also make supportive decisions, like beneficial policies for firms and employees working in the technical industry. Keeping up with these policies and adapting as per their relevance is one way a technical services company can grow in the dynamic business landscape of Dubai. Damaar experts will help you obtain a technical services license with no hassles or time waste in Dubai.

Benefits Of Technical Service Company Formation In Dubai

  • It’s completely tax-free. As a result, there is no business or personal tax
  • Provide services throughout the UAE
  • Submitting an application for government projects
  • There are no limitations on currency or capital requirements
  • Choosing an office location anywhere in Dubai
  • There is no provision of the audit report
  • Effortless procedure

Activities Permitted Under Technical Services License

The following are the many technical services licensing operations in Dubai:

  • Painting Services Contracting
  • Contracting for Insulation
  • Fixing Wall Paper
  • Plastering and Cladding Services
  • Installing and maintenance of air conditioning, ventilation, and air filtration systems
  • Plumbing and sanitary contracting are two different types of contracting.
  • Cleaning services for both the building and the mall.
  • Installation and maintenance of satellite receiving equipment
  • Installation of Electricity Transmission and Control Apparatus
  • Tiling on the Floor and Walls
  • Concrete Construction
  • Carpentry and flooring contracting are two services that we offer.
  • False Ceiling Contracting as well as Partition
  • Engraving and Ornamentation Works
  • Services for electrical fixtures and fittings

Requirements for Getting a Technical Services License in Dubai

There are specific requirements that every applicant has to adhere to when trying to get a technical services license in Dubai. Every procedure in the list of steps you have to take care of is outlined by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).

Business Setup Process: It is an important task to follow every prescribed business incorporation procedure as per the DED regulations in the technical license acquisition. Several approvals should be obtained by submitting the necessary documents and paying relevant fees to various authorities to complete the procedure.

Approval Certificate Submission: The technical service license will only be approved after the submission of the approval certificate to the DED. Approved certificates work as a confirmation for all the documentation made during the technical license acquisition.

Steps To Obtain Technical Services License In Dubai

To open a business on the mainland of Dubai, you must first obtain a valid business license. A Dubai technical service license is required to open a shop relating to any of the above-mentioned business activities. The following are the processes to forming a technical services LLC in Dubai:

  • Select a Business Name

In the United Arab Emirates, picking a company name is difficult. While working on it, there are a few things to consider. One must follow a set of naming rules that are both stringent and simple to follow. In other words, refrain from using rude or obscene language. This is where a company formation professional may assist you.

  • Technical Services License Application

The Department of Economic Development is the regulatory authority to which one must apply for a license. The company will need to present the following documentation when submitting your application:

  • Application form filled out completely
  • Copy of the proposed owner’s passport
  • NOC from present employer for two color passport-size pictures (if applicable)
  • Ejari (Tenancy Contract)
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) 

The MOA must be certified in person at a public notary in Dubai. This procedure typically takes two hours. The cost of a technical services license in Dubai varies depending on the type of business.

Technical services license cost in Dubai, UAE

Obtaining a technical service license allows you to run business activities in Dubai, including technical services and home maintenance services. Access to experts in technical license acquisition can help you save time and money. The average cost, according to the current standard, to get your technical license comes between AED 16125 and AED 30000, while it could go up to AED 18500 for Mainland licenses.

You have to pay the extra charges that come in the form of registration charges and DED approval charges to get the license. All these could be made easy with the help of our business setup professionals. Extra charges that might come along with the license also include additional overhead charges and municipal fees. Businesses with a technical license in Dubai will be able to provide services to companies and households in a tax-free environment.

Avoiding penalties is one major thing that every business should prioritize while making sure to run a reputable business operation.

Why Choose Damaar?

Availing the assistance of expert hands is recommended to run successfully through the intricate procedure of technical license acquisition. It can help you a lot in obtaining your license and other approvals without getting entangled in the confusing maze of business setup requirements. Damaar Business Setup Consultants can become your easy way to complete technical services and business setup incorporation procedures with no hassle in Dubai.

The profound knowledge of the technical services sector and the regulatory framework of Dubai helps us provide you with flawless service. Our team will ensure that all the legal requirements are satisfied during the incorporation and throughout the operation of your business. We will take care of the preparation and organization of extensive paperwork on your behalf, which ultimately results in more time and less effort for you. Entrepreneurs can escape the hard work of communicating with numerous authorities regarding the registration and incorporation of their businesses through Damaar.


A Technical Services License is designed for businesses offering technical services such as plumbing, painting, and concrete work, while a General Trading License allows a broader range of trading activities.

Yes, businesses holding a valid Technical Services License in Dubai are authorized to provide services throughout the UAE.

Apart from the initial licensing fees, businesses may include costs related to office space rental, sponsor fees, and ongoing compliance requirements.

Yes, technical services companies in Dubai can hire foreign workers, but they must obtain relevant work permits and visas as per UAE labor laws.

Yes, Technical Services Licenses in Dubai typically need to be renewed annually, and businesses must ensure timely submission of renewal applications and fees.

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