Tourism License

Dubai has undergone huge transformations and now is known for its modern architecture, warm beaches, pleasant environment, and ever-evolving vacationing culture. This makes getting a tourism license in Dubai a pivotal task.

When it comes to founding a tourism business in Dubai, such factors play a significant role in an investor’s decision-making process. The Dubai industry is robust and will bring a large amount of profits for the investors.

Companies and organizations operating in the travel and tourist sector of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates must have a valid Tourism License. Due to Dubai’s expanding popularity as a tourist destination, the need and importance of Tourism Licenses is magnified. Those who wish to start a tourism business in Dubai must first obtain a Dubai tourism license. There are three categories of tourism licenses available in Dubai –

  • License for inbound tourism
  • Tourism license for travel outside of the country
  • Travel agency license as a travel agent

To start a tourist business in Dubai, you must register it with both the department of economic development and the department of Dubai tourism and commerce marketing. The Dubai government has made many tourism licenses available, and the investor must choose wisely when applying for a tourism company license.

Tourist license services are provided by Damaar Business Setup Consultants in Dubai and the UAE to assist individuals in establishing tourism enterprises around the country. At Damaar, we ensure that you receive a smooth tourism license application process that includes all of the necessary registration stages.

Tourism License Document Requirements In Dubai

  • Application form
  • Applicant’s passport (copy)
  • The company’s owner and management should present a certificate certifying that they have no criminal history.
  • Civil Aviation Authority’s NOC

Tourism License Cost In Dubai

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, DTCM Authority, announced a new regulation in mid-October 2018 to boost and assist investors seeking a tourism license in Dubai, eliminating the necessity for a bank guarantee of AED 100,000 – AED 200,000 for each activity, such as an incoming tour operator, an outgoing tour operator, or a travel agency.

The cost of obtaining a Dubai tourism license is considerably reduced as a result of this. The restriction for a minimum of 300 square feet is also removed. Previously needed documents like experience letters and educational credentials for managers in the same industry are removed, allowing prospective buyers in the field to seek a tourism license in Dubai.

What Are The Advantages Of Possessing A Tourism License In Dubai?

In the UAE, especially in Dubai, tourism business permits have always been in great demand. The new legislation may have an impact on Dubai’s tourism permits in the following ways:

  • The advantage of having a single licence for incoming, outgoing, and travel agents, with no additional fees or bank guarantees.
  • Reduces the cost of setting up a licence.
  • Will assist the organisation in becoming more empowered to work in the tourist industry both inside and outside of the region.
  • Shows and demonstrations, as well as international conferences, might be staged.
  • With a travel agency licence, the firm can sell aircraft tickets and visit visas (subject to Immigration clearance) in the UAE.
  • The organisation will offer lodging, arrange guided/planned excursions, and give transportation to visitors since it has a travel agency and an Inbound Tourism licence.
  • Dubai has always aspired to be the top vacation destination, and investments in a tourism license will always benefit from the government’s rules and regulations.