Transport And Logistics Business In UAE

If you wish to set up a transport and logistics business in UAE, the most practical site for your office would be Dubai Logistics City (DLC). Dubai Logistics City is a fast-growing free zone dedicated to and built for transport and logistics-related industries in Dubai. You can gain a lot of benefits by establishing your company in DLC. Here are a few examples:

  • Geographically advantageous site
  • Legal requirements are basic and easy to follow
  • The government provides state-of-the-art logistical infrastructure
  • There are around 7000 businesses in the area.
  • Built-in storage facilities
  • Middle East, Africa, southeast Europe, and SAARC countries are served by a well-organized distribution infrastructure.
  • Visa services are readily available

Documents Required To Setup A Logistics Company In Dubai

  • Copies of the stockholders’ passports
  • Copy of the manager’s CV and passport
  • All stockholders and management have a personal datasheet.
  • Proof of a trademark reservation
  • Proof of authorization for the initial activity
  • Notarized and testified Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  • Appointing a legal agent with a notarized and proved power of attorney
  • The legal agreement document contains your company’s physical address.

Requirements For Starting A Transport And Logistics Business In UAE

When starting a transportation company in Dubai, keep the following points in mind:

  • The National Transport Authority in the United Arab Emirates can issue a transport license
  • Meeting all technical requirements is mandatory and the transport vehicle should be equipped with safety equipment
  • The applicant for a transport license must be a UAE national
  • Before applying for a transport license in Dubai, one must first have a commercial license
  • A three-month transportation license will be given, and it must be renewed within 30 days
  • To obtain a license, passenger vehicles must pay AED 100 + AED 5 for each passenger seat
  • Vehicles transporting commercial products must pay AED 100 plus an additional AED 10 for per ton of gross vehicle weight

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dubai Logistics City Freezone was established to develop and improve logistics and trade facilities in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Customs Broker Warehouse Storage Freight Broker
  • Transportation of Cargo by Air
  • Transporting Cargo via Sea
  • Transporting Cargo by Land

The cost of obtaining a delivery service license in Dubai varies based on the nature of your delivery service. However, ignoring sponsorship and other costs, the anticipated licensing cost will be AED 6,000 to AED 7,000.

In Dubai, the following sorts of transportation businesses are rather common:

  • Companies that transport goods
  • Courier services

In Dubai, the National Transport Authority is the regulatory agency in charge of issuing transportation-related licenses which helps in transport and logistics business in UAE

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