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Today, Dubai has become the one-stop destination for foreign freelancers and entrepreneurs to expand their businesses in an area that is full of possibilities for economic growth. When it comes to formatting an office in the UAE, obtaining a trade license from The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai becomes a necessary step in this process.After all, a Trade License allows businesses to carry out all types of transactions legally and safely.

In this article, you will learn about the importance of a Trade License in Dubai and the entire process of getting a Trade License in Dubai without an office space.

Different Types of Dubai Trade Licenses:

Setting up a company in Dubai can be a dream come true for businessmen around the world. Dubai offers great benefits for entrepreneurs who aim to build successful businesses. Dubai government has allotted several specialized free economic zones, named free zones that provide entrepreneurs with 100% ownership of their businesses. Moreover, starting a business in Dubai involves an easy business setup process with some simple steps. You can obtain a business license in Dubai without much hassle. There are mainly four types of business licenses in Dubai as mentioned below:


    • Commercial Trade LicenseThe commercial trade license in Dubai is issued for conducting business activities such as trading products, importing and exporting products, rental activities, brokerage activities, and many more. So, no matter whether you are planning to trade with Dubai or you want to trade outside the UAE from Dubai, you must have a commercial trade license for operating your business.

    • Professional License: If you are going to market your service in Dubai, make sure you have a professional license in Dubai. For instance, auditing, healthcare services, consultancy services, and digital marketing services are some business activities that require professional licenses to conduct.

    • Industrial Trade License: Industrial trade licenses in Dubai are mainly issued for businesses that involve in manufacturing products inside the country. But, here you need to have your own physical office space in the country.

    • Tourism Trade License: This is a type of business trade license that is considered relatively new as compared to other types of trade licenses discussed above. The UAE government has introduced this license for better regulation of the UAE tourism industry. So, if you have businesses related to the tour, travel, and hospitality industry, make sure to obtain a tourism license in the UAE.

Things to Consider While Obtaining Trade License in Dubai without Office Space:

Dubai government offers a lot of flexibility to businesses to successfully launch their products or services in the market. One such initiative is to allow businesses to get a Trade License even without an office space. So, if you are a start-up looking to keep the overhead cost of setting a business low, you can easily start a company in UAE without an office space. To make it possible, The Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai offers a Virtual Company License package for businesses so that they can start their businesses in the Free Trade Zones in UAE. Simply put, starting a business in UAE without having an office space is now possible and is a preferred choice for entrepreneurs who want to start small by keeping the initial business setup low.

So, if are you an entrepreneur without an office space, make sure you consider a few parameters while operating your businesses in Dubai:


    1. Alternative Work Place: If you don’t have physical office space, make sure you opt for an alternative workspace such as an isolated space in your home, any business center, or a meeting area so that you can focus on your work and achieve positive results. Again, if you have planned to conduct your businesses remotely, you don’t need to show a physical office space while obtaining a business license.

    1. Allocate Flexible Working Hours:If you allocate flexible working hours will allow you to conduct your business without an office space. It will allow you to work from anywhere at any time and accommodate clients from any time zones.

    1. Effective Collaboration:The Free Trade Zones in Dubai are the ideal choice for foreign businesses to register their company without an office space. It offers several advantages along with a perfect ecosystem for businesses so that they can grow effectively by working together through complete collaboration.

    1. Virtual Meetings & Teams: When it comes to establishing a remote company, make sure you conduct virtual meetings and hire remote staff. These are the right strategies to become successful as a remote company.

    1. Use of the Right Technology:When it comes to improving the efficiency of your company, make sure you invest in the right technology. It will help your company easily communicate with employees who are working remotely and clients who are active and on track. Today, there is a wide range of the latest technology that has made businesses work together from different parts of the world.

Easy Steps to Get a Trade License in Dubai:

As mentioned above, obtaining a trade license in Dubai is not a great deal. No matter whether you are an experienced business owner or a new one, you can easily obtain a trade license simply by following some easy steps:


    1. Select Trade Zone: When you are planning to start a company in UAE, the first step is to select an economic jurisdiction you want to operate in. Dubai has three separate economic jurisdictions as Mainland, Free Zones, and Offshore Companies.

    1. Select Company Structure: When it comes to determining the rules and regulations of a company, it depends on the company’s legal structure. So, you need to first select all the activities of your business that you want to perform. It is important to keep in mind that you will not be able to perform any activity that is not included in your company structure.

    1. Get the Initial Approvals: Now it is time for you to obtain the initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai. To do this first you have to fill out an application form provided by the DED authority.

    1. Opt for Office Space: It is necessary to get an office space to get a trade license. But, in case you don’t want to invest in acquiring an office space at the very initial space, you can also opt for a virtual office.

    1. Prepare the MOA: MOA stands for The Memorandum of Association which is a legal piece of document. But it is not easy to get this document. Here comes the role of legal experts who can assist you draft this document in a hassle-free manner.

    1. Opt for External Approvals: Make sure you obtain some necessary external approval issued by different government bodies and agencies.

    1. Submit Your Documents: Now, it is time to submit all the important documents to the DED. The mandatory documents include copies of all the shareholders’ passports, the initial approval letter from the DED, the filled-up DED application form, the Memorandum of Association, the tenancy contract, and EJAPRI.

    1. Complete Your Final Application: After you complete all these steps, you have to submit the documents to complete the final application from the Depart of Economic Development in Dubai.

    1. Pay the Fees: Once DED accepts your application, you need to pay the fees to receive the trade license you applied for.

Why You Should Opt for a Trade License in Dubai?

Nowadays there is a growing demand among businesses to get a trade license in Dubai. It is because Dubai offers a lot of benefits for getting a trade license in Dubai.


    • Boost Sales: By obtaining a general trading license in Dubai, you will be eligible to import and export your goods or services to and from anywhere in the world. The authority of Dubai themselves takes care of this matter to ensure that goods and services can flow freely.

    • Enhance Brand Identity: You can improve your brand image as well as credibility simply by obtaining a trade license in Dubai. It is because Dubai provides a safe and secure business environment giving your business more networking opportunities and lucrative connections all across the world.

    • Tax Benefits: One of the major reasons why the majority of people want to start their business in Dubai is because of the lucrative tax benefits. For instance, Dubai does not impose any personal tax. Though recently Dubai government has announced taxes on corporate incomes for big corporations, the tax rate is one of the cheapest in the world.

    • Easy Business Set Up: It is very easy to set up a business in Dubai. Moreover, it offers a wide range of options for office space here with a varying budget range. Again, you can also get a trade license in Dubai even without an office space.

    • Investment Opportunities: Dubai allows business owners to start their businesses in Dubai with limited capital. There are a lot of investors and local sponsors to help you with starting capital if you have an excellent business plan.

Wrapping it Up:

From the above discussion, it becomes clear that setting up a company in Dubai is a complete pleasure. It can save a significant amount of time, cost, and effort especially when you are partnered with a leading consultancy service. It is a win-to-win solution for both businesses and the UAE economy. It allows people to improve their sales and on the other hand, it can boost the economic environment of Dubai. Moreover, the fees for a Dubai Trade license are very affordable compared to other countries.

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