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Dubai is a land of dreams, luxury, and opportunity. It’s an ideal place for budding entrepreneurs looking to dive into the car wash industry. With the ever-growing population of both residents and tourists, the need for convenient and efficient car wash services is on the rise.

To put it simply, Dubai’s car wash market is an amazing market you need to explore. Do you know the city boasts a staggering 3.3 million registered vehicles and the graph is on the rise? It’s no wonder that starting a car wash business in this thriving metropolis can be a lucrative venture.

In this blog, ‘How to start a car wash business in Dubai, UAE?’, the professionals at Damaar, the top Business Setup Services in Dubai will discuss the major steps and expert tips to begin your car washing business journey in Dubai. The success awaits you. So, here are a few considerations before starting your car washing business in Dubai.

Steps you need to follow for Mainland Licensing in Dubai, UAE

  1. Company Trade name Certificate

Prior to proceeding with trade license issuance formalities, companies in the UAE need to
reserve their trade name through registration. Trade names need to be unique and similar trade names must not be registered by commercial entities. Think of 2-3 desired names. It should not collide with the religious, moral or ethical values of the UAE. Trade name registration in the UAE can be done simply by filling out an application/online with the Department of Economic Development. The documents need to be submitted with the application and trade name reservation fees.

  1. Initial approval

Submit the required documents including the trade name registration slip, passport copies, photographs, business plan, etc for initial approval. If you have selected the mainland, then the Department of Economic Development in Dubai will be your licensed registering authority. To know more about Dubai Mainland Company Formation, connect with our experts at Damaar.

  1. MOA-Court Attestation

The Memorandum of Association is considered the constitution of the business organization and is a mandatory document for company formation in the UAE. It holds detailed information on the board of members, regulations regarding the operation of the company, policies, safety and security aspects etc.

MOA also need to be submitted for business formation in the UAE. It needs to be notarized by a notary public in a Dubai court. Once the MOA is signed and notarised; apply for entry into the Commercial register at the Economic Development Department.

Keep in mind that the businesses owned completely by non-GCC residents require a Local Service Agent from the UAE. The appointment of a local service agent requires a formal agreement attested by either a notary public or a court.

  1. Registration of commercial space tenancy contract with Land Department (RERA)

Ejari registration is a must for all types of rental properties, whether they are residential or commercial. Its significance lies in the fact that it acts as a guardian for your rental information, neatly organizing and preserving it, with records maintained by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). Once you enrol in Ejari, you’ll be issued an Ejari certificate, granting you access to various essential services in Dubai.

Moreover, this certificate also serves as your safeguard in case you encounter any issues with your landlord. It ensures that you have the right to take your concerns to court, allowing the legal system to address your situation, which is a valuable feature for tenants.

For a hassle-free and convenient application process, the best way to get started is by using the Ejari system on the Dubai Land Department’s website. We know the business setup in UAE can be a daunting task. If you are still having doubts about your new Business Setup in Dubai, reach out to our experts at Damaar.

Required Documents Ejari Registration

  • Original signed lease agreement
  • Receipts of security deposit
  • Emirates ID for Tenant
  • Passport copy of landlord ( if they are individual)
  • Passport of the tenant (for non-GCC citizens)
  • Copy the PoA document (If a power of attorney (PoA) has signed the contract)
  • UAE visa for tenants (non-GCC citizens)
  1. Submission of all the documents

To establish a car washing business in Dubai smoothly, you need to submit several essential documents. These typically include the completed application form, a copy of your passport, passport-sized photos, the necessary commercial license, proof of professional qualifications, and documentation showing compliance with local regulations.

  1. Issue the license DET payment voucher

A DED ( Department of Economic Development ) payment voucher is generated after successfully submitting all your documents online. It is provided to the business owner within three to four working days and used at the time of renewal fee payment.

  1. Issuance of company license

Once you submit the necessary documents and pay the fee to the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, you’ll gain a company license. Approval from the concerned Emirate’s Chamber of Commerce will be also required before proceeding with carrying on the economic activity. If you want to know more about Offshore company formation in Dubai, Damaar can help you out.

Required documents for Mainland company license formation in UAE

  1. Passport front and back scanned copy
  2. Current visa copy
  3. NOC, if the investor is already working in another company
  4. Email ID and UAE contact number to add to the license
  5. Passport holding photo
  6. Passport-size photo, which should be taken recently from the studio if the investor requires a visa.
  7. Three company name suggestions

Are you ready to begin your car wash company in Dubai?

Damaar is your ultimate business setup consultancy partner. when it comes to building your business in Dubai, UAE. We specialize in handling all the legal processes and offer comprehensive support to make your business setup in Dubai a breeze. Our mission is simple: to provide expert, efficient, affordable, and quality services for business setup in Dubai, UAE. With Damaar by your side, you’ve got the perfect ally to navigate the journey to success.

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