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By November 2022 Qatar’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup is all set to give an excellent boost to the economy of the UAE. With more than 1.2 million fans expected to attend the event in Qatar, is likely to pave the way for UAE to enjoy potential near-team economic gains. According to the recent report entitles “World Cup Will Give An Additional Near-Team Boost to GCC”, Dubai will be highly beneficial by offering its geographical proximity, well-established tourism, fight connections and flexibility to get tourist visas for the World Cup ticket holders.

Simply put, it provides the perfect opportunity for the UAE to prove how efficient a destination it is not only for investors and businesses but also for tourists.UAE is also all ready to put its effort to show its diversifying economy. Though is it a short-term event, there is no denying the fact that it will provide a strong and positive impact on the UAE’s international profile worldwide. It will lead to growth and cultivate its leisure and tourism sector in the long term. According to the latest report, Qatar is witnessing the fastest-growing growth in the lodging and food services industry and is expected to reach an uptick and boost this month.

FIFA-  Boost for Dubai Economy:

Dubai is already a prosperous business and tourism is proved to be the major beneficiary especially because of Expo 2020. It results in soaring prices in the hotel and lodging industry by 43%. It is assumed that the hotels of Dubai are expected to be “close to full capacity” as the impact of this tournament.Dubai carrier flydubai has already announced that it will offer up to daily return flights from Dubai World Central (DWC) to Doha during the tournament. Again, Air Arabia has also announced it to be operating 14 shuttle flights daily from Sharjah to Doha. In simple words, the tourism and hospitality sectors will not be the only sectors benefiting from this grand event, but the other sectors like travel and aviation, retail sector are also there to gain.

Dubai with the collaboration of Dubai Economy and the Department of Tourist and Commercial Marketing is already in the race of achieving the goal of 25 million tourists to the city by the end of 2025 and the world cup in Qatar proves to be like a crown added to it. Being the world’s leading hospitality sector, Dubai is going to attract a large number of tourists attending the World Cup in Qatar.

FIFA World Cup’s Economic Impact Extends All Across the UAE:

FIFA World Cup’s Economic Impact

The year 2022 has been the second consecutive year after 2020 when Dubai will witness a high demand for short-stay units. To meet this growing demand, real estate owners in UAE are turning their homes into short-term rentals instead of annual leases for tourists attending the Qatar FIFA World Cup, in 2022. Simultaneously, multiple mobile apps specially designed for ordering food, taxis, and travel such as Talabat, Careem, Uber, Groupon, Cobone, the Entertainer, and many more are going to spike. It demands the growth of operating companies that can add resources available to make their app experiences smooth and consistent.

The discussion is incomplete without mentioning the effect of this tournament on the digital marketing business of the entire UAE. After all, it is a digital marketing business that helps boost the images of different other businesses and brands. Everyone knows that this is the best time to maximize the effectiveness of digital publicity of their brands.

Though it is not easy to gauge the exact impact this biggest tournament, 2022 will have on the entire country, no one can deny the fact that FIFA World Cup, 2022 will offer a high boost for almost every sector that benefits from foreign visitors ranging from travel, tourism, hospitality brands, aviation sectors, digital marketing businesses, food industry to any ancillary industry.

Wrapping Up:

Where Qatar is hosting the world for the FIFA World Cup, on the other hand, the whole country has already prepared to host the world for some profitable businesses and travel experiences. With the highest benefits in mind in various sectors, UAE is all set to prove itself as one of the best hubs of economic activity in the next few years.

Now, it is just a few days away to begin Qatar’s prestigious tournament and the entire country is preparing with great intensity in hopes of making what could potentially be the country’s first-ever appearance of the world’s most exciting and unifying fiesta: the FIFA World Cup tournament, 2022.

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