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  • Post published:March 20, 2023
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In this topic, you will get a clear idea of different Freezones to set up a startup in Dubai ,UAE without personal income, free from corporate taxes, and complete foreign ownership. Dubai is one of the renowned cities in the UAE, ideal for conducting economic activities. Many say that UAE changes many individuals’ lives when they work in that country. You’ve heard it right. If you want to set up a startup in Dubai, Damaar assists you with the top 6 Freezones to set up a startup in Dubai.

What are the top 6 free zones recommended for setting up a startup in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most happening business capital of the UAE and Western Asia that, always increases the number of global industry leaders and business enterprises. Here are the top 6 Free Zones to set up a startup business in the UAE.

  1. Dubai Multi Commodities Center – DMCC is the top center for Freezone to set up a startup in Dubai, UAE, that accommodates many businesses with a flourishing market space, including high-quality infrastructure. DMCC offers a luxurious free zone to startup companies operating in the financial or commodities sector and accommodates up to 6 business activities in the same domain with a single license and provides your startup business with excellent connectivity by all means of transport.
  2. Dubai World Central – DWC is a Freezones to set up a startup in Dubai that offers seamless business connectivity to significant airports like Jebel Ali Port and Al Maktoum International Airport. DWC also provides the latest amenities and high-quality infrastructure, inclusive of 6 dedicated areas serving e-commerce requirements. Dubai World Central is one of the leading multimodal logistics and trade hubs owing to its access to significant trans-emirate and road networks.
  3. Jebel Ali Free Zone – JAFZA is a benchmark for the free zone to set up a startup in the UAE, certified by ISO. It accommodates diverse business modules and advanced work procedures, includingtrade, services, industrial, e-commerce business operations, and license processing.
  4. International Free Zone Authority Dubai –IFZA attained popularity as one of the cost-effective free zones to set up a startup in the UAE for entrepreneurs, especially the ones who have stepped into the business world. It offers various business permits to entrepreneurs comprising services, e-commerce, commercial, and consultancy, regardless of whether you have a physical office space.
  5. Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority – DAFZA promotes over 3100 companies from various industries, including light, pharmaceutical, trading, logistics, Information Technology, jewelry, etc. It is a freezone to set up a startup in Dubai that mediates between the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asian countries. Foreign investors enjoy 100% business ownership and a tax-free environment, which attracts people to go in for a free zone to set up a startup in the UAE.
  6. Meydan Free Zone– MFZ is one of the most cost-effective free zones to set up a startup in Dubai, UAE. Meydan Free Zone offers low-cost application fees attracting small businesses and startups. It features you with a streamlined application process, office flexibility, and scalability.


The free zones to set up a startup are plenty in the UAE. However, it could be tricky to select the best place in Dubai. Setting up a business in the UAE carries a lot of procedure, rules, and regulations and it could be difficult for people unaware of the system or languages. Reach us at +971586585070 or for more details.

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