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  • Post published:November 16, 2023
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Starting a new business setup in Dubai? That isn’t a dream anymore. Dive into Dubai’s business scene without burning a hole in your pocket! We’re talking about cool ideas that won’t break the bank. In this blog, ‘Best Business to Start in Dubai With Low Investment’, let’s discuss the low-cost gems, from quirky services to unique shops, that can turn your dreams into dollars. Let’s explore the wallet-friendly ventures that match your vibe and bring your business dreams to life in this dynamic city. So, Let’s find the perfect business that fits both your passion and budget in the heart of Dubai.

List of Low Investment Business Opportunities in Dubai

We’ve listed some of the low-investment business opportunities in Dubai you can try.

1) Food Business

Starting a food/restaurant business in Dubai is a fantastic low-investment option in Dubai, thanks to the city’s thriving culinary scene and diverse consumer base. With a relatively modest initial investment, entrepreneurs can tap into the dynamic market, catering to locals and expats alike. The country’s multicultural population also offers a plethora of culinary preferences, paving the way for innovative concepts to flourish.  The tourism hotspot in Dubai also ensures a steady flow of potential customers. From food trucks to small eateries, the range of possibilities is vast when it comes to food businesses in Dubai.

2) Consultation Service

Starting a consultation service in Dubai is a great low-cost business idea. The city’s economy is growing, and there’s a high demand for expert advice in different fields. You can offer your skills in areas like business or marketing without needing a lot of money upfront. Dubai is friendly to businesses, making it easier for you to succeed. 

3) Content Writing and Copywriting

The city’s booming economy and diverse industries create a constant need for quality written content. Many businesses seek skilled writers to enhance their online presence and marketing efforts. Along with just a computer and your expertise, you can offer valuable services to clients without hefty costs. Dubai’s business-friendly environment and the increasing demand for online content also make it an ideal market. 

4) Real Estate

Starting a real estate business in Dubai allows you to tap into the city’s property market potential and capitalize on the ongoing development and investment opportunities. Dubai’s ever-evolving real estate sector along with a business-friendly environment provides a huge opportunity for investors.

5) Cleaning Services

Launching a cleaning service in Dubai is undoubtedly a smart and accessible business option. The city’s economy creates a high demand for professional cleaning services. The diverse community in Dubai, including busy professionals and businesses, seeks reliable cleaning solutions. So, starting a cleaning service allows you to help with this demand, offering a valuable and essential service.

6) Daycare Services

Childcare, babysitting, and similar services are expected to grow by 9% annually, as per recent stats. This means there’s a great opportunity for people to make good money quickly without investing a lot. Starting a home-based business like childcare or babysitting in Dubai is definitely a smart move. The demand for these services is increasing, showing that it’s a good option for those who want to earn a decent income without spending a fortune upfront.

7) Technical Services

Offering technical services in Dubai is a promising business idea. This includes services like phone repairs, computer troubleshooting, and other tech-related assistance. With the city’s growing reliance on technology, there’s a rising demand for skilled technicians. It’s a suitable option for people who want to provide technical help without needing a huge initial investment. So, if you are interested in gaining a technical services license in Dubai, reach out to our experts at Damaar.

8) Dry Cleaning Service

If you’re looking to begin a business and don’t have a lot of money to invest, starting a dry cleaning service is a good option, and the market for it is expected to get bigger in the future. Setting a business up in this field is easy, and consulting with the right people like Damaar can help you get started in Dubai.

9) Mobile Phone Repairs

Mobile phone repair is certainly one of the emerging industries in Dubai. There’s a big opportunity for businesses that provide services like fixing electronic devices. This is because many residents rely on their phones and other gadgets, creating a demand for technicians. So, if you’re looking to start a business setup in Dubai, a mobile phone repair service is a smart choice with the potential for a good income.

10) Gifts Shop

Opening a small or medium-sized business gift shop in a place like Dubai can do wonders. It is undoubtedly the easiest business idea to earn a good income eventually. Investors can open the gift shop at any location in the country where they have the chance to get more customers.

Reasons Why You Start a Business in Dubai?

  1. A strategic Location 

Dubai’s strategic location at the crossroads of major global cities like Moscow, Hong Kong, London, and Hamburg gives it a significant trade advantage. Being a leading trading hub, Dubai experiences remarkable trade expansion, hosting over 100 international trade shows each year. 

  1. Foreign Direct Investment in Dubai

Dubai saw significant growth in foreign investment, attracting Dh46.6 billion in the first half of 2019, a 135% jump from the previous year. Recently, Dubai also allocated $409 million for the energy, trade, retail, and tourism sectors. Also, government-related entities are providing support packages to their business partners and suppliers.

  1. Tax Benefits

The business-friendly tax policies in Dubai attract a lot of companies to the UAE. Foreign investors also enjoy huge tax benefits in the UAE by being exempted from paying personal and capital gains taxes. Dubai has only VAT implemented at 5% – which is way lower than most commercial capitals in the world. 

However keep in mind that businesses making profits above AED375,000 will be taxed at a 9 percent rate, while those making profits up to that amount won’t levied with any taxes. This helps small businesses and startups by not taxing their profits below that threshold.

  1. Convenient & Expat-Friendly Dubai Residence Visa

The visa regulation in Dubai is very expat-friendly. A business in one of Dubai’s free zones also means you can quickly get a residency visa for yourself/family members and employees as well. Intrigued? Connect with our Damaar experts to know more about the free zone License in Dubai.

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