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Are you worried about the overstay penalty for your expired UAE Visa?If you aren’t sure of the validity of your visa, it’s time to check your permit’s expiry, shown in your passports. Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) announces good news for people with a 3-day campaign that will run everyday from 25th February 2023 to 27th February 2023 at Deira City Centre, open from 10 am to 10 pm. Below is the guide for sorting out your issues.

What is the purpose of a three-day camp in Dubai?

At Damaar, the purpose of conducting the three-day camp in Dubai is to help the residents in the UAE to resolve their Dubai Visa expiry permits and avoid penalties for overstaying in the country. Understandably, many people with a work permit undergo visa renewals every two to three years, depending on their visa. It is also evident that many people remember the month when Residents Visa Dubai UAEwould expire. However, they don’t remember the date, because of which the visa renewal becomes overdue. We understand that people get so engrossed in their routines that they would remember the renewal date. Our intention in conducting the camp is to allow themto resolve the visa and permit issues by the end of February 2023, regardless of how long they stayed in Dubai despite visa expiry.

What are the steps for tracking the validity of your visa using your passport?

Turning out the passport pages is one of the simplest and the most traditional methods of checking the expiry date of your Dubai Visa. However, suppose you are not carrying your passport. In that case, you must check the validity of your residence visa and the passport expiry date, even if you have a photocopy or a scanned copy on your smartphone. All you need is to logon to the appropriate website with the necessary information to get your visa status.

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