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Are you thinking of a work visa in UAE? Well, that is a great idea. Many foreign talents get attracted to the UAE job opportunities because of the attractive pay, safety, and diverse community UAE offers. However, the UAE work visa rules keep changing every year. In this topic, you will understand 5 types of Work Visa UAE 2023 with their criteria.

What are the 5 types of UAE work visas?

In the UAE, the General Directorate of Foreign Affairs and the immigration issue UAE visa permits to individuals working in government offices, private sector undertaking, free zones, and long-term residency visas, depending on the work in UAEto which you apply. The 5 types of work visas are:

  1. Company-sponsored work visa –You will get a UAE work visa once the company selects you for a job and issues an offer letter. After signing the offer letter, you will get an entry permit from the company that gives you the right to travel to the UAE. The company would begin your visa process after you arrive in the UAE, including your medical fitness and biometric fingerprint required for your Emirates ID and residency permit. The company-sponsored visa may be valid for two or three years, requiring your sponsor’s renewal.
  2. Green Visa is a UAE visa permit you can get without a sponsor. The Green visa holders sponsor their first relatives in the UAE and get a six-month grace period after visa cancellation or expiry. Skilled employees, freelancers, and investors must meet the following green visa criteria.
  3. The candidate must have a valid employment contract.
  4. According to MOHRE, they must come under the category of the first, second, or third occupational level.
  5. They must be a degree-holder.
  6. They must draw a minimum salary of Dh 15,000 per month.
  7. Golden Visa is a UAE work visa for individuals looking for long-term residency options. The Golden Visa enables foreigners to study, work, and live in the UAE for 10 years without a sponsor—individuals with an outstanding academic record in school and degree colleges. Among the professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and humanitarian workers would be eligible for the visa. The Golden visa holders are also authorized to sponsor their family, spouses, children, and staff without limit and can renew them if they meet specific criteria.
  8. Freelancer Visa – If you do not meet the Green Visa or Golden Visa requirements, you can always apply for a standard freelance visa for two years. However, you would require a freelance work permit and a freelance visa if you do not have a family visa. The eligibility criteria for a freelance visa are as follows:
  9. Freelance work permit from MOHRE.
  10. Bachelor’s degree or a specialized diploma with proof.
  11. Minimum income of Dh 360,000 or equivalent in other currency for the last two years.
  12. Part-time work permit –A UAE work permit allows you to work for more than one employer for a specific duration.


The rules to get a work visa in UAE differ according to the type of visa you get. The types of UAE work visasare not limited to five, as many other work visas suit your profile. For more details, reach us at +971 586 585 050 or send an email to

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