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  • Post published:May 29, 2023
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Are you planning to Start a Dental Clinic in Dubai ?  Everyone loves to touch great heights and achieve more to make their lives comfortable as today owing to inflation and the desire to have the best at their homes. It is a wise investment if you are a healthcare professional in the dental field and planning to Start a Dental Clinic in Dubai. The tooth is one of the greatest assets for a human being, and the problems related to teeth are universal, which raised the demand for dentists. Dubai is one of the hot places for all types of businesses and professions in the UAE that strives to improve the lives of citizens and foreigners. The article aims to inform you of the guidelines for Start a Dental Clinic in Dubai.

What is the procedure for Start a Dental Clinic in Dubai?

Though Start a Dental Clinic in Dubai is a prudent investment, it could be more challenging for you as a foreigner to work as a dentist or a medical/dental practitioner in Dubai. To obtain a practice license in Dubai, you must possess a valid dental degree like Bachelor in Dental Degree or equivalent, a one-year internship in post-graduation, and approval from Authorities Approved Residency Programs for which you get the licensure title as a Resident. Below are the registration process steps for start a dental clinic in dubai.

  1. Select a trade name for your clinic and send it to DED for approval.
  2. Apply for DED for initial approval with the mandatory documents like passport and layout plan. The other documents are:
    • Personal information
    • Nationally accredited educational qualifications recognized by DHA professional qualifications.
    • Official educational transcripts.
    • Mark sheet for the entire year.
    • Recent professional experience according to DHA PQR regulations
    • Country Registration of your previous employment
    • Present an authentic good standing certificate, not older than six months.
    • Medical fitness test conducted by DHA (Applicable to the applicant over 65 years)
    • Lease agreement, memorandum, etc., for clinic registration.
  3. Also, apply for a license from Dubai Healthcare Authority and the service agent for license registration, creating a profile on the DHA official website. The authority scrutinizes your documents and approves your license.
  4. Pass the assessment – Passing the DHA is a critical step to getting a license as a medical practitioner. The evaluation depends on your title and may include other tests besides oral tests.
  5. Offer letter – You will get an eligibility/offer letter from recruiting facility once you clear the test successfully. The offer letter includes a professional title, facility stamp, signature from an authorized person like a medical director, and malpractice insurance from the facility that appoints you.


The DED and DHA follow a stringent process to provide a practitioner license to avoid malpractice. If you possess the required documents acceptable to DED and DHA, please get in touch with us at Damaar.

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