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Process of Employment visa in UAE For Companies

The United Arab Emirates is the Federation of Seven emirates and Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE.UAE is one of the hubs for many expats. General Directorate of Residency and Foreign affairs of UAE allowed the expats various entry permits and visas. These include a business visa, employment visa, Remote work visa, Tourist visa, Student Visa, Transit Visa, and Retirement visa for UAE residents. Each visa has its procedure for apply example tourist visa has 30 days or 90 days with Single and multiple entries.

If you are Entrepreneur and planning to set up a company in UAE, there are procedures to get a valid trade license. Once the company was incorporated and the next step was to recruit suitable employees for the various post. Same way employment visa is having various procedures until the visa gets stamped in the employee’s passport, here you go through the process of an Employment visa in the UAE.

Employment Visa or Work Visa which employees will obtain an entry visa to enter the country to work in UAE. Employers have three stages or processes to obtain a resident visa an employee include Entry visa, a Resident visa, and Emirates ID

Quota Approval

The first step after getting interviewed and selected, the Employer will send for the quota approval, Each employer has the quota from the Minister of Labour(MOL) based on the nature of the business and the size of the business. Each position has a specific quota approved by MOL and if the quota is full, the employer should apply to upgrade the quota. For Freezone, visa quota approval should be before the employee enters the country

Job offer Contract

Once the quota is approved for the position, The employer will apply for the job offer contract in the ministry of labor, Job offer contains details of salary, the number of days working, and other terms and conditions.

Work permit

Upon signing the Job offer, the Employer will apply for a work permit with the Ministry of labor, without a work permit the employee cannot enter the country. During this process, MOL will check for any unemployed UAE citizen and perform this job; the sponsor is a registered UAE corporate entity. Then the work permit will be granted

Entry visa

On the approval of the work permit, MOL will issue the Pink copy of the visa, so the employee can enter the country which is valid for 60 days from the date of entry to enter

Medical Screening

Once the employee enters the country, he or she has to go under medical screening

To obtain a work/residence permit, expats need to be free of all forms of communicable diseases such as HIV and TB.

In addition, the following categories of workers should test negative for syphilis and Hepatitis B:

  • Workers in nurseries
  • Domestic workers including housemaids, nannies, and drivers
  • Food handlers and workers in restaurants and cafes
  • Workers in saloons and beauty centers
  • Workers in health clubs

Female domestic workers must test negative for pregnancy.

The emirate of Abu Dhabi screens foreign nationals to detect pulmonary tuberculosis by a chest x-ray; however, the emirate of Dubai does not.

Labour contract

With the Medical test result, the Employer will apply for the labor contract. it should be applied within 14 days of the receipt of medical results

Emirates ID application

After receiving the Labour card, the next step is applying for the emirates ID. This ID contains the full details amount the ID holder/ Resident of the UAE.

Resident Visa and Work Permit

The following documents are required to process the Resident Visa, A resident visa is valid for two to three years. MOL will issue the work permit number and labor card against the contract signed and it is part of the resident visa. Once the work permit is issued employee can start the work officially

Documents Required to process Resident visa

To start the process, the employer should get the following documents from the employee.

  • A valid passport and a photocopy
  • Passport photos
  • An Emirates ID card
  • An entry permit from the Ministry of Labour
  • The results of a medical screening
  • A copy of a company card from the employer
  • A copy of the company’s commercial license

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