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  • Post published:June 19, 2023
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The advancement of technology and the introduction of the Internet among the public gave tremendous scope to start an online business in Dubai, UAE. The traditional business setup in Dubai demands a considerable investment, including office rent. However, you can start an online business in Dubai at a low investment, which adds to your sales revenue and profit margins.  In Dubai, more than 90% of people use the Internet and earn substantial income. Owing to the cost-effectiveness, the entrepreneurs start an online business in Dubai, ideal for people who need help investing their money in physical offices. Damaar is one of the top business setup consultants in Dubai, giving you the guidelines to begin an online business.

What are the steps to start an online business in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the best cities for fabulous online business opportunities. Starting an online business in Dubai could be done in simple steps that require minimal legal formalities. Damaar provides you with some of the easy steps to commence online business.

  1. Select a unique name for your online business or company: Naming your organization is the first step for starting a business. The business name that you give must adhere to UAE regulations. According to the rules, your business name must not match any organization’s name unless they offer a franchise or patent rights. Furthermore, you must avoid using offensive language that reduces your chances of getting approval.
  2. Decide on a mainland license: It will help if you are ultra-careful while selecting a location. Though an online business eliminates rent or lease, you must choose a place to set up an online business. Selecting a geographical location determines the area you wish to perform business operations. If you want access to a larger market in free zones, starting a business setup in Dubai Mainland will be ideal.
  3. Get your e-commerce license approved by applying for it: Applying for an e-commerce license is the first step of getting approval. E.g., if you select a mainland license, the Department of Economic Development (DED) is the relevant licensing authority for e-commerce business. However, if you decide to commence your business in a free zone, any freezone can approve your application.
  4. Apply for a visa: Applying for a visa occurs after the approval of your license application. You can also include your employees and family members in your application for a permit.
  5. Develop your company website: It is time to do so if you still need to develop a corporate website. An official website would be essential for an online business. Hence, ensure that your website contains appealing content that effectively represents your company’s business activities. If you are not well-versed in the technicalities, it will help if you take the help of professional website designers. Ensure that your website opens quickly and that users can easily navigate your products and services.
  6. Open a corporate bank account: It is necessary to open a corporate bank account in your company’s name, as it handles all financial transactions. In an online business, the users make most of their transactions online. Introducing a wide range of payment options lets your customers select the payment mode according to their convenience. However, your chosen bank account must perfectly suit your business requirements.


Setting up an online business in Dubai is more accessible than forming a company. The cost of setting up an online business varies from an online business in a freezone. Though the formalities of setting up an online business are lesser, you still need license approval from the concerned authority.

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