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Dubai, the heart of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is one of the world’s prominent tourist spots for many reasons, The tourism business in Dubai has always been inspiring for aspiring entrepreneurs that aim to make it big in the concerned sector. Dubai is one of the central shopping locations and the globally-recognized tourist destinations. The city also gives you the landmark for site-seeing that covers enticing beaches and other attractions. Wow! It is also a place for tourists to sit and relax and start their day afresh. Are you a business owner looking to set up a tourism business or want to shine in Dubai’s travel and tourism industry? Well, you have arrived at the right place! Damaar is the leading service provider for all business setups in Dubai, especially in the travel and tourism business. Here is the quick and ultimate guide for starting or expanding your business.

What is the procedure to start a tourism business in Dubai?

Dubai’s government has imposed stringent regulations for foreigners to begin their tourism business. Hence, you must adhere to the rules and regulations to get a positive nod through license approval. Below are the guidelines for the tourism business in Dubai.

  • Decide on the trade name of the tourism business: When it comes to the tourism business, it is an ocean. Dubai comprises countless innovative tourism business ideas and trends, which only increase in the upcoming days. Examples of tourism trends are transformational trips, travel, hospitality, desert safari, city tours, dhow cruise, shopping, water parks, theme parks, etc. However, a trade name matching your tourism business activities would be best.
  • Submit the mandatory documents: Government officials explicitly ask for identity records to comply with the top authorities’ legal and regulatory requirements. You must submit passport copies, shareholder’s certificates or agreements, memorandum of association, financial documentation, contracts, and agreements.
  • Get your tourism license approved: Tourism license comes in three categories in Dubai. They are inbound tour operator licenses, outbound tour operator licenses, and travel agent licenses. The inbound tour operator license deals with inland travel events, visas, and transportation of foreigners within the country. Outbound tour operator license deals with selling travel and tourism packages outside the UAE via e-commerce, travel agents, and other networks. On the other hand, a travel agent license enables ticket booking for flights, buses, trains, hotel booking, car rentals, and travel insurance as a vendor. You must obtain a tourism license for the business activity you select for all these types.
  • Get the documents verified: Document verification by the concerned authorities is a mandatory step that you must do after the first round of approval.
  • Pay the required fees: Nothing comes free in this world. You would have to pay a nominal amount once your documents get verified by DED.


Dubai is a spot that accommodates the locals and ex-pats to set up a tourism business in free zones. However, the government set the regulations for applying for licenses and document verification to ensure that no one settles in Dubai illegally. They would also check for criminal records before letting the foreigners in

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