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Why have a virtual office in Dubai?
  • Post published:April 3, 2023
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It could be challenging to start your business without a real office, especially when your business contacts do not accept your PO Box, residential address, or mobile number. According to the study, business entrepreneur considers physical space as credibility.

A virtual office solves the problem of your office address and enables you to accommodate your staff to use the office resources. This article will guide you on how to have a virtual office.

How to have a virtual office in Dubai?

Foreigners could face different challenges while deciding on virtual office space in Dubai. Both physical and virtual offices have a set of pros and cons. However, a virtual office could be more beneficial than a physical office. Damaar helps you to obtain a license to start a virtual office. Here are the steps for setting up a virtual office in Dubai.

  • Step 1: The first thing is to decide the type of business activity and have a complete idea of what activities you can perform virtually as per Government rules. 
  • Step 2: You must choose the name you want to give the company before applying for a virtual business license, considering the naming conventions according to regulations.
  • Step 3: After completing the above steps, you must move the application with supporting documents like passport, address proof, ITR filing, etc. 

Why have a virtual office in Dubai?

Today, many business enterprises are switching their operations without physical offices. Even in Dubai, the government favor entrepreneurs having a virtual office. A virtual office in Dubai benefits you in some ways.

  • Cost Reduction – A physical office would cost more as it would add to your expenses. The office expenses would be equal to or more than house expenses. On the other hand, a virtual office in Dubai allows you to operate in prime locations at lower costs, enabling you to save your overhead expenses like rent.
  • Flexibility – A virtual office offers flexibility to businesses by allowing a quick scaling up and scaling down. Flexibility suits more for seasonal sales more as it reduces their overhead expenses in off-seasons without compromising your presence in Dubai. It also facilitates upgrading your virtual office package when you require more amenities like meeting rooms and extra office space.
  • Access to resources – A business owner or an entrepreneur receives access to resources and a high-quality infrastructure in Dubai at low taxes, followed by a reliable communication system, the best transport networks, etc., that attract entrepreneurs in the global market.   
  • Professional image – A virtual office adds value, credibility, and legitimacy to your brand, having thousands of social media followers. The physical presence of your virtual company enhances your visibility with potential clients and investors as they know the location. A mailing address in the UAE helps you to get the required documents.
  • Legal compliance – Setting up a virtual office in Dubai requires legal compliance because businesses must abide by laws and regulations, depending on the size and activities, including the company’s registration with concerned authorities that comprise the free zone and local municipality. The charge for licensing Dubai business requires a local mailing address to process your application for a commercial license.


Virtual Office is a common practice of entrepreneurs for reducing their costs on rent, travel, etc. Starting a virtual office in Dubai also requires registration and other formalities like the Physical Office. Reach us at +971586585070 for more information. For more information visit our profile 

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